Our Commitment to Quality

Our customers are very pleased to see the same service technician every week on the same day. We are punctual! Most of our service technicians have been part of the team for five through fifteen years and are CPOs (Certified Pool Operator) that have the proper education and experience to maintain your pool for healthy enjoyment. Water chemisty is key !!! Weekly, our service technicians will check and adjust chemical levels to ensure balance in your pool; sometime pools can lose their normal balance and further testing may be necessary. At our comphrehensive in store lab, service technicians will bring in a water sample to determine the proper and necessary adjustments. This ensure the highest water quality to all our customers.

Our pool service technicians keep in close contact with our office for any potential equipment complications to keep your system running smooth.

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  • Skills:

    • Efficient
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Our Technicians are Certified and Qualified !

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We are happy to meet with you in person (in the South Florida region) to demonstrate our products, answer any questions and review what best meets your needs.

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